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Volunteer for Camp! 2016

Hello peoples! 

Every year in August I go to a magical place in Vermont for a week to hang with a bunch of insanely cool people (and some adults too): Camp! (aka Camp Exclamation Point)

You should come along!! 

The staff application online at is ready to be downloaded. We really need people with valid Lifeguard certifications to work on the waterfront, and the absolute bomb about that is that if you do have a Lifeguard cert and come along you'd most likely be working with me!!

Three reasons you should come along:

1) it's super fun;

2) the food is amazing (this is our head cook); and

3) some day, ages from now, some person you haven't seen since they were 8 years old will send you a note to say: you were there when I needed you, and that mattered.

New staff needs to get to Camp! on Friday August 12 for training. Campers arrive on August 14, and we wave good bye to them (with tears in our eyes) on August 20 before a swift clean-up and close-down.

Not enough vacation time? Many companies donate vacation time for those who volunteer--ask your personnel manager.

No way to get to Vermont in August? People are flocking to Camp! from all over--chances are you can get a ride from somewhere. And in any case, Amtrak goes straight to White River Junction VT, and busses run to Hanover NH. (If you file taxes in the United States, any money spent on getting to Camp! counts as a tax deductible donation).

No experience with kids? Did I not mention training? Truth is, I learned to parent at Camp! so you can definitely learn to be a counselor.

So, August in Vermont? 


P.S. The photo below is of me during a quiet moment at Camp! some summers ago.

P.P.S. If you can't make it to Camp! despair not: you can still support the cause. There is an easy Paypal button on the website you can click. Takes all of 2 seconds!